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think, that we'll see 1 to 3 inches of snow here in the immediate washington area. for you folks into southern maryland, that is southern parts of charles county, st. marys county, three, maybe some places more than six inches. especially down towards fredericksburg. i still think only a 20% chance of a major storm for us here in washington. that starts mid-morning around the washington area. one thing that's for sure, it will be a very light fluffy snow. and easy to deal with. not snow-making weather kind of snows. we will be right on the fringe and right on the edge of a major snowroducer for southern maryland and even the border area around the norfolk area. back to you. >> we'll check back in a bit. bob, thank you. >>> folks south of the city can expect to see more of the snow. live in prince william county now with a look at how folks between there and richmond are getting ready. julie? >> hi, jim. i'm in the woodbridge area. no doubt there's a few milk and bread runs being waged as people prepare for what may be on the way tomorrow. it seems like the farther south you go on
buses in fairfax struggled to be on schedule as the washington region confronted ice, snow, and cold winds and temperatures. this man used his leaf blower to blow away the light dusting of snow. most roads in the district, even ones with steep hills, were reported mostly clear of snow and ice as the colder evening approached. just in the last few minutes, we've seen two men walk by in bermuda shorts. we don't know what they're thinking. wendy, i was out here. there are a lot of people with those recyclable bags. lots and lots of people have them. at least they have something to put their gloves in when they buy them because it's so cold. >> people are starting to make a connection. that's great. thank you, tom. >>> in virginia, there were no major problems today, but now officials are asking for federal help with snow removal costs. they've spent between 30 and $35 million for snow removal this winter. during last month's historic blizzard alone, they spent $11 million in northern virginia. despite the costs, officials don't expect any budget cuts. in montgomery county, snow covered
of the case, but someone comes in from virginia carrying a handgun into the city of washington. that's against the law. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: in the paper, "washington post" columnist mike wise reports that during that incident, javaris crittenton also had a gun and the gun was loaded. lindsay czarniak talked to wise today. >> what can people take from what you reported as far as eye-witness reports? >> i think that they'll understand that things were a lot more volatile in that locker room than people originally believed. and that child's play, a silly prank, went way beyond what most people consider to be a practical joke. >> reporter: javaris crittenton has said he has done nothing wrong. so what happens now? that is likely to be decided behind the walls of this arena. the u.s. attorney's office. where prosecutors will decide what, if any, charges to bring in this controversial case. i'm pat collins, news4 washington. >> now, chief lanier expects the investigation to be wrapped up soon. >>> president obama talked about the attempted terror attack christmas day in detroit, over detroit
. more in washington, our temperature, 41 degrees. some mid-30s, above freezing at winchester. later on tonight, we'll see as the skies continue to clear the wet spots could get slick. so watch out for that. nothing on radar. matter of fact, elkins, 45 degrees. there was that morning little mix to our west, all moving off. area of storminess beginning to pull away. we dry out and a pleasant but 50/50 weekend coming up. so the skies continue to clear overnight. a lot of sunshine on tap for your saturday. i'll tell you the details on what will be following that for sunday. some more wet weather. i'll tell you the details about the weekend on into the next week. back to you. >> thanks, bob. >>> now to the lates out of haiti. survivors and rescuers continue defying the odds today. an 84-year-old woman was pulled from the rubble alive after being trapped for ten days now. doctors are still working to save her life because she's in bad condition. there's also word that another man has been rescued in the cathedral area of port-au-prince. rescue teams have saved an estimated 122 people. 16
potomac. this was that great polar orbiting satellite. here we are in washington. a few high clouds. if you look close, there'she potomac. you see the brown. that is the run-off and the sediment coming down the potomac. a few clouds out to our west. we'll be seeing some clouds tomorrow. how about that big -- the potential for a saturday storm. here's a question in line with what may be coming our way for the weekend. how many of washington, d.c.'s ten biggest snowstorms of all time started on a fraiday or a saturday? you'll have the answer and i'll tell you what it means for this upcoming friday and saturday. back to you. >> thanks, bob. >>> virginia state police confirm now that the remains found in a remote farm field do, in fact, belong to missing virginia tech student morgan harrington. the 20-year-old woman disappeared in october after attending a rock concert. a farmer spotted the remains yesterday in a remote part of his property, which is about ten miles from the concert venue. here parents went to charlottesville today to remember their daughter and to thank those that help
. >> a second member of the washington wizards is taking a plea deal in connection with a gun incident involving wizards star gilbert arenas. javaris crittenton is allege the to have pulled his own gun on arenas following an argument the two had over a gambling debt. details about this, pat? >> javaris crittenton, guilty of possessing an unregistered firearm. pleading guilty to a rmisdemeanr gun charge. a result of the confrontation last month with wizards star gilbert arenas. in court, crittenton said he took full responsibility iffer his bad judgment. he said he was sorry and apologized to the people of washington. the wizards, the nba, and his family. crittenton said he made a bad decision and told the judge, you'll never see me here again. crittenton is represented by attorney peter white. >> there's been a great deal of misinformation published about this case and mr. crittenton. he brought a law enforcementfully obtained handgun into d.c. into the washington wizards locker room only because he legitimately feared for his life on december 21 of last year. the government has acknowledged tha
washington wizards star gilbert arenas. this afternoon, arenas was charged with a felony. he now faces up to five years in prison. pat collins joins us live outside d.c. superior court with more. pat? >> pat, this is the official document filed now in superior court. the defendant's name, gilbert arenas. the charge, carrying a pistol without a license. it's a felony that carries a maximum penalty of up to five years in jail. sources tell news4 that tomorrow, it's expected that gilbert arenas will walk into this courthouse, appear before a judge where it's expected that he may enter a plea of guilty to this one count of carrying a pistol without a license. his defense team hoping to avoid any jail time. hoping to put this criminal case behind arenas so he can get back to playing basketball for the nba. now, this all started last month when arenas brought four guns from his home in virginia to the locker room at the verizon center. then came that day, december 21st. a confrontation over a gambling debt. arenas pulls out those guns. december 24th, christmas eve, he turns the guns over to the
in washington, after collecting truckloads of clothes, toiletries and food, the haitian embassy is no longer accepting supplies. now there is a serious and growing need for otherinds of contributions. news 4 is live at the embassy with more on the next steps in a huge local relief effort. julie? >> well, hi, jim. a candidate the light vigil is going to get under way shortly, organized by the haiti relief committee. that group and d.c. officials were very busy dealing with supplies that came over the weekend. lucky for them, an army of volunteers also showed up to help. >>> by sunday night, a mountain of donations had piled up outside the haitian baem embassy. trucks rolled in to pick up over 2,000 bags and hundreds of broxs. this morning, this warehouse outside the old d.c. general hospital became the stage for the next phase of the operation. sorting the donations. about 700 volunteers responded to a call for help. dorenda bowers and her son drove in from port washington. >> we're dividing, sheets, pillow cases, baby sheets and baby blankets. we're the sheet department. >> inside the wareho
to be there for them inheir time of need. >>> tonight, the haitian embassy in washington has been in communications with officials in port-au-prince. they're working on plans to raise many for the victims of the earthquake. elaine reyes joins us live from northwest d.c. with more. elaine? >> communication has been spotty all day, but they are certainly doing their best. they have planned a candlelight vigil for 7:30 here tonight for anyone who wants to come out. i can tell you it's been very busy. the phones have been ringing off the hook with haitian-americans worried about their loved ones back home. helpless is what haitian-americans feel when watching images from their home country. >> when you pray you find your strength. we are praying and working hard to see what the best way to help our brothers and sisters in haiti is. >> reporter: he and other leaders met with the republic's ambassador to the united states to get updated and brainstorm relief plans. >> we participated in the revolutionary war of the united states. we helped you guys. in latin america, we helped simon bolivar to liberate h
. this is outside right now. look at the temperature, though. it's around 50 around washington. 35 degrees. that storm, which is now in text will be having an impact on our area. you folks to the south especially, this is on saturday. this is saturday. tomorrow is a fine day. but there is a possibility of having upwards of two, four, even five inches of snow as nearby as stafford, spoand othe areas, too. it will be a major, major storm for the mountains of north carolina down near the virginia/north carolina border. traveling that way or thinking about it on saturday, it is going to be treacherous. some spots in north carolina are looking at a foot of snow. temperature right now here in washington, 48 degrees. so there you can see that area of weather front coming through. much colder air coming in. that's one of the ingredients. for our preliminary storm outlook for saturday, i think for the general washington area, light snow. it will be that because the air is so cold and dry. stafford, spotted like that, two to five inches of snow is possible. the major storm, well to our south. the tr
. >>> breaking news out of northeast washington. four separate water main breaks have snarled traffic and flooded businesses and homes. this is happening in the trinidad section of the city. crews were working. a break at 16th and oat streets when three other breaks occurred within close proximity. there are 12, 8, and 6-inch water main breaks in the area. they're attempting to turn the water off. we have a crew on the scene gathering more information about the impact of these breaks. we'll check in with them at 5:30. >>> a former teacher here in d.c. is facing allegations of child sexual abuse. robert peterson has been teaching 7th and 8th graders at the sidwell friends school in northwest. that's where elaine reyes is with the latest on the charges against this teacher. elaine? >> well, doreen, robert peterson was arrested by montgomery county police. actually fired by the school last weeng. he hasn't worked at the school this year at all. in fact, investigators suspended him before classes even started in the fall when they learned of these allegations months ago. 65-year-old robert peterson w
early this morning. our cold pattern continues here in washington. we made it up to 37, which feels better than it did over the weekend. on the other hand, our average high, 43 degrees. look at the morning low temperatures. only made it into the low 20s. right now already it is below freezing again for folks out around winchester. still a bit of a breeze. not that howling gale, but with northwesterly winds, the windchills are into the teens. so overnight tonight, we may see a few more passing nsnow flurries. temperatures tomorrow into the low 20s. we may see a little bit of snow of our own. i'll tell you about that. and the outlook into the weekend, too. any break in this cold pattern? i'll join you in a few minutes. >>> three people managed to get out of a burning row house this afternoon. fire in that house broke out just before 1:00 in the bedroom of the house on killborn place in northwest d.c. those victims were treated on the scene, but their injuries were not serious. there's no word tonight on what started that fire. also, a d.c. charter school was evacuated because of a fir
graduated from dartmouth this year. back home here in washington, they say dupree is ready to make his own mark on this family where hs feeling right at home. >> pretty nice family, huh? >> yeah. >> how long do you think you'll keep them? >> forever. >> reporter: barbara harrison, news4 for wednesday's child. >> great story. if you have room in your home and your heart for a child who's waiting, please call our special adoption hotline. the number is 1-888-2-adopt-me or go to >>> we have breaking new out of prince georges county. a dump truck crashed into a high-pension power line. the driver of the truck did escape. he's been taken to a local hospital. no word on what caused the truck to crash. >>> coming up tonight, we've reached a landmark in the historical presidency of barack obama. tonight we'll see how people really feel one year since his inauguration. >>> next in sports, dan goes one-on-one wit brendan haywood. >>> and roasting your own coffee right in your own kitchen. it is kiquick and easy and it's >>> well, who doesn't like that first cup of coffee, especial
the year, the wrong choice of words here in washington has had dire consequences. jimmy "the greek" was fired after making these public comments to nbc 4 at a washington restaurant. >> black the black is a better athlete to be begin with because he's been bred to be that way because of his high thighs and big thighs that go up into his back. i'm not a bad guy. why does everybody hate me? >> what's the answer? >> the answer is i said some hateful things. >> doug tract, a deejay better known as a greeceman was fired from his washington, d.c. radio show after making a racially insensitive statement and he didn't work for years until he recently returned to the air waives in jackson, florida. one of the greek man's biggest criticism was madison. he has a radio show on sirius xm whichas a local and national audience. >> in this situation, remember, harry reid supported president barack obama and encouraged him to run. he yus bajust basically said qu honestly what a lot of white americans have probably said privately. we unfortunately in this country are still color conscious. black peop
this afternoon as the new head coach of the washington redskins. very polished, very smooth. much like the general manager, bruce allen. bruce allen, mike shanahan and the owner, dan snyder, all came out at the beginning of the press conference, but only two were sitting up there when the press conference actually started, which i found very interesting. >> i did, too. dan snyder sat front and center down with everybody else who was watching the press conference. possibly telling, right? >> yes. he had a lot of respect for dan snyder, does mike shanahan. and after i caught up with him after the press conference, you could certainly tell that. >> dan and i have been friends for a long time. as i said before, just admire the passion that he has for this organization. and a lot of guys have passion, but they're not willing to commit to give you everything possible to be successful. he's willing to do that. you know, a guy like joe gibbs, when you sit down and say, hey, this guy -- every time that i needed something, he would give it to you. that's enough for me. >> he exudes leadership. h
for the christmas xdgift-buying season, but you could own some luxury goods that are a piece of local washington history. the u.s. marshall service is holding an online auction to sell high-end handbags, jewelry and shoes bought by harriet walters. walters is serving time in jail for the theft of nearly $50 million with phony tax refunds. tom sherwood is here now with more on the story. tom? >> it is a lot of name-brand stuff. we went to a local auction house to ask regulars what they think about this online sale. there's nothing like thexd rhyt of an auctioneer. whether their buying something for a few dollars or for many thousands. at the regular tuesday auction downtown, in the same place since 1944 and in business since 1890, buyers were looking for the deal of the day. >> if you're a novice, you need to know a lot more. what it is you're looking at, what it should be, and what you're looking at actually is. and that can be tricky. >> the main point is to get something of value. >> reporter: still, the auction house draoama is not the same wn you go to an online auction from the comfort of y
donations. the greater washington haiti relief commitsy looking for volunteers. the ambassador to haiti says food and water is getting to people in the country, but it could be a lot faster. he says money would help to rebuild that country. [ inaudible ] send cash earmarked to reputable charities that will be much better for the relief effort. >> on sunday alone, people donated thousands of bags of goods to haiti. >>> meantime, more troops arrived in haiti today and aid continues to arrive. but officials say much more is needed. nbc's jay gray is live in port-au-prince with more on that. jay, how many troops are on the ground there at this point? >> good evening, pat. by the end of the day today, almost 14,000 will be on the ground or in the waters around this island nation. and more expected throughout the week, up to 1,500, even 1,600 through the weekend. they continue to bring the military in. there are a lot of people who haven't had food or wer in seven days. they are desperate. they also need medical supplies. there are a lot of people seriously injure who'd have not seen treatment sin
. >> the vote counting has been the big game upere in new york as well as down there in washington. it seems to be that the votes are just about there. the administration has said they spa expect that he will be confirmed. it's been a rough go. it speaks to the nervousness and the anger about the economy. wall street likes certainty. keeping that continuity will be a help. >> thanks so much. talk to you later. >> sure. >>> we have an update on the such for a sex assault suspect on the campus of montgomery college, the takoma campus, in fact. darcy spencer is there now with more on this. >> the campus has been on lockdown for the last hour and a half. police told me just a few minutes ago that they've been given the all-clear. they've checked the camps and have reopened the campus to students as well as to traffic this evening. the investigation started about 3:30 this afternoon when police received a call of a possible sexual assault happening here on the campus this afternoon. we're not sure whether the assault happened inside of a building or simply on the grounds of this institution. poli
washington. detectives investigating an alarming october 2009 shooting in bethesda, maryland, at the home of the 54-year-old, also an imf economist learned the two men had worked together. >> detectives have obtained a charging document for a former employee of the imf who actually had a brief supervisory relationship with mr. modi being the supervisor. >> news 4 as learned he may have harbored some resentment when he was not renewed. mr. modi was near death when he was transported by ambulance where he spent weeks in recovery. >>> some witnesses have reported that they saw a small dark colored vehicle leaving the scene of the cme with the lights off. about the time of the shooting. so we put the vehicle in there to help people's memories. >> police are still trying to find the person who sold the gun to the suspect. back to you. >>> investigators are look into what caused an accident that tail kilned a promising young man who recently graduated from johns hopkins university. his car was spotted yesterday morning by a jogger passing by in rock creek in northwest d.c. the car was submerged
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